The Last Week of Jesus Christ Thursday


    On this day, Peter and John are sent to make preparations for the Passover meal. After sunset, Jesus breaks bread with his 12 disciples and also washes their feet. Judas departs from the gathering as Jesus make his way to the Garden of...

    The Last Week of Jesus Christ Wednesday


    There are no records of any ministry of Jesus Christ on this day. After an exhausting day of controversy the day before, Jesus more than likely spent this day resting and visiting with his friends. Jesus is preparing for the Last Supper, as Judas...

      The Last Week of Jesus Christ Tuesday


      On Tuesday of Jesus’ final week of ministry, he leaves Bethany and finds a fig tree in withered condition as he teaches on the topic of faith. Jesus condemns his enemies and as he departs from Jerusalem on his way to Bethany, he shares the...

        The Last Week of Jesus Christ Monday


        As we begin the Passion Week, I wanted to share with you Jesus’ final week of ministry on earth. You will receive an email each day with details of Jesus’ ministry on that day as we lead up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On Monday Jesus...

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