Rev. Mark Lee




Scott McKenzie

Director of Music Ministries


Erin Osborne

Children's Activity Director




Joni Turner

Director of the Central Fine Arts Academy (CFAA)




Lauren Perkin

Financial Administrator




Donna Young

Financial Secretary





Allyson Haenlein

Administrative Assistant


Anthony Tucker




Our leadership takes the responsibility of shepherding God's church seriously and strives to be aligned, clear and accountable in all that we do.


Moderator: Rev. Mark Lee, Pastor

Clerk of Session: Chet Knapp (Elder)


Class of 2023: Russell Helms,  Jeanne Smith, Rhonda Weaver

Class of 2024: Pam Brooks, Johnny Burgess, Donna Cook

Class of 2025: Lynn Snuggs, Martha Osborne, Jeanne McGrath

Elders Emeritus

Bud Shaney