2024 Ministry teams


Each Ministry Team is led by a current Session member. Teams typically meet monthly in-person or via Zoom.

Building and Grounds (Lynn Snuggs, Leader):

The Building and Grounds team is responsible for maintaining the church property, buildings, and equipment. Our duties include making minor repairs as needed, maintaining our heating, cooling, and various other equipment, selecting, and managing contractor services, and keeping our facilities in compliance with fire and safety regulations. We also organize and promote workdays to engage our members and partners to share in maintaining our facilities.

Christian Education (Pam Brooks, Leader):

The Christian Education Team seeks to educate and impact all members of the church by creating opportunities to grow in faith, develop strong spiritual leaders, and provide programs and events that encourage Christian growth for the church and the community. This includes oversight of Bible Study classes for children, adults, ladies’ circles, and the provision of care providers and lessons for infant and toddler nursery. The team also seeks to provide leadership for opportunities for members and non-members to experience Christian exposure through planning and executing Ladies Retreats, building a Community Children’s Choir, and coordinating a weekly Prayer Breakfast. To assure the safety of children and youth, the Team oversees the Child/Youth Protection Policy, management of training for all adults involved with children of CSCPC sponsored events and activities.

Community Outreach/Missions (Ann Mozingo, Leader):

The Community Outreach Team helps Central serve the community and so fulfills the mission of Worshiping and Serving Christ in the Heart of Steele Creek. The major areas of focus are: support of children, addressing food insecurity, and working in partnership with Steele Creek Elementary School in support of both teachers and students. The team plans and coordinates the activities for the congregation to participate in these programs. This team also serves as liaison to organizations using Central’s campus, such as the YMCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and others. Central’s Fine Arts Academy is also a focus, assuring there is adequate support through volunteers to be present during lessons and adequate facilities/equipment for this program to be a success.

Congregational Care (Donna Cook, Leader):

This team is one of compassion, witness, and service. The team strives to meet the needs of the congregation in sickness, distress, or grief by providing notes of cheer or sympathy and meals, as needed. The Congregational Care Team also serves homebound members, new members, student members and periodically reviews the membership roll. 

Fellowship (Martha Osborne, Leader):

The Fellowship Team works to provide/coordinate receptions and meals as needed throughout the year. Events are usually in conjunction with worship events including 4th of July and Christmas Luncheons, Hanging of the Greens Celebration, Graduate Sunday Reception, and other receptions as requested/needed. Core team members enlist and work with other church volunteers as needed for each event.

Finance (Johnny Burgess, Leader):

The responsibility of the Finance Team is to oversee the Church's finances and keep accurate accounts of all monies received by the Church. We prepare an Annual Budget for all the Church Operations and Ministry Teams and ensure all keep within their respective budget. The team also keeps the congregation informed of the health of our financial situation so any special needs can be addressed. We meet each month to review the Budget and the Income and Balance sheets. When a special need arises, not originally budgeted for, we discuss determining the best way to handle that unexpected need.

Personnel (Jeanne McGrath, Leader):

The Personnel Team is responsible for hiring staff, excluding the minister, and conducting yearly reviews for all staff.

Publicity and Technology (Andy Cheek, Leader):

Central’s Publicity and Technology Team is responsible for managing social media and the church website. The team live streams Sunday services and other special services that take place in the sanctuary. We meet monthly to discuss technology needs, revisit marketing objectives, and publicize community events on behalf of other ministry teams and our community partners.

Worship (Chris Knapp, Leader):

The Worship Team is responsible for coordination of all facets of Sunday morning and special worship services, assuring content, culture and surroundings are an enhancement to and true representation of God’s Word. This includes the order and content of the service, music, physical elements, and symbols, as well as preparation and serving of communion. Physical elements and symbols should reflect the liturgical calendar year and heighten the worship experience. It is the goal of the Worship Team to embrace cultural diversity in all aspects of worship.