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9401 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28273

Telephone Numbers

Main Office: 704-588-1211
Office Fax: 704-588-1241
Pre-School: 704-588-9542

Mailing Address

Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 410054
Charlotte, NC 28241-0054

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Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church

Children’s Sunday School

A class is made up of all children K-5th grades. Imagine visiting Jerusalem back in the days when Jesus lived here on earth. As soon as you enter the hallways, you are transformed back in time. There’s the Jordan River and, if you look closely, you’ll see Jesus and a few of His disciples by the water’s edge. Come visit the Mount Zion Amphitheatre, where you will feel just as if you were in the open-air courtyards in Biblical times. Stop by Martha’s Kitchen and smell the culinary delights much like the food enjoyed by people who lived in Jesus’ day. Not far from there, you can enjoy authentic games and sports in Noah’s Ark-cade. Be amazed by the scenery in Abraham’s Apothecary as you delve into the science experiments much like the children in 29 AD would have. Gather in Joseph’s Cabinet Shop and make clay pots and woven mats used in the early Hebrew households. Lastly, but most importantly, sit in the Shalom Temple and listen to the stories from the Bible that have been passed down since before Jesus was even born. Come visit our Rotational Workshop Sunday School program, and you will want to stay and experience it all! Old and young, all are welcome, all can enjoy the events that take place here. Many people in the Church participate in the class through skits, teaching, playing, and having fun with the children. See you Sunday morning in Jerusalem!

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