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9401 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28273

Telephone Numbers

Main Office: 704-588-1211
Office Fax: 704-588-1241
Pre-School: 704-588-9542

Mailing Address

Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 410054
Charlotte, NC 28241-0054

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Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church

“Get up and pray so that you may not enter into temptation,” (Luke 22:46). We believe that God changes us when we pray, and that God both hears us and speaks to us. So we pray a lot at Central. The pastor compiles all the joys and concerns for the church and distributes that list through a weekly email. If you have a specific prayer request or if you are interested receiving the weekly prayer list, please let the pastor know.

Prayer List

Week of May 4 - May 11, 2014

May 14, 2014

-I hear that the women had a great time at the beach this past week. I am grateful to them for all that they mean to the church and I am grateful for their holy time away.
-Ruth Funderburk is grateful for all the calls, cards, & prayers for her family on the death of her son, Kevin.

-Anne Clapham, as she recovers from a recent hospital visit.
-Sarah Blackwelder, as she continues to struggle with health concerns.
-Geneva Godfrey, adjusting to an assisted living facility in Monroe.
-Sarah King, at home struggling with cancer.
-Dot Benton, at home with health problems.
-Andrew Burns.
-Kenan Koll, friend of Stephanie Vojvoda’s, young woman battling cancer, having clinical trials to slow the spread of cancer.
-Libby Jones, young child, friend of Donna Young’s, in her fight against leukemia.
-Jennifer Reynolds, friend of Mary Deal’s, with breast cancer.
-Pam New, Bud & Pauline Shaney’s daughter, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery on May 12.
-Rodney Morgan, friend of Mollie Carlson’s & Charlotte Burgess’, in ICU with fluid on his heart after open-heart surgery.
-TC, 26-year-old friend of Annette Caudle’s granddaughter, having surgery Wednesday to remove a brain tumor.
-Glen Pruitt, friend of Jerry & Joy Cheek’s, getting treatment for prostate cancer.

Birthdays, Military & College Students

Rob Vojvoda (5-4), Lauren Spratt (5-5), Linda Blackwelder (5-6), Mike Brown (5-6), John Burgess, Sr, (5-7), Christopher Canipe (5-7), Chris Winter (5-8).

-Petty Officer Justin Moss, in the Navy in Biloxi, Mississippi.
-PVT Eric Sandor, in route to Fort Riley, KS.

College Students:
-Jennifer Burgess, CPCC
-Anna Eargle, Queens University
-Mak Karigan, graduate school, UNCC.
-Katie Hunter, Graduate School, UNCC