2020 Ministries


Building and Grounds Team

The Building and Grounds team strives to maintain the facilities of the church to the highest possible standard.

Team members: Joe McGrath, chairperson, Wray Moxley, Tim Hood, Jim Stikeleather, Judy Corbett, Jeanne Sikes-McGrath.


Christian Education Team

The Christian Education team seeks to educate and impact all members of the church by creating opportunities to grow in faith, developing strong spiritual leaders, and providing programs and events that encourage Christian fellowship, for the church and the community.

Team members: Diane Price, chairperson, Pam Brooks, Kathy Bricker, Mike Brown, Holly Clapham, Barbara Choate, Diane Wilson.


 Congregational Care Team

Team members: Ellie Bostic, chairperson, Sandy Hart, Judy Brown, Mike Brown.


Fellowship Team

The Fellowship team traditionally hosts church-wide meals for special occasions The events include: Graduation Sunday, the Stewardship Luncheon, the Harvest Breakfast, VIP Social, Christmas Breakfast and various other breakfasts and luncheons. The team will coordinate and support any church-wide gathering, event or meeting approved by Session.    

Team members: Martha Osborne, chairperson, Joyce Martin, Joy Cheek, Pam Brooks, Judy Corbett, Jeanne Sikes-McGrath, Joe McGrath.


Finance Team

The Finance and Stewardship team is responsible for oversight of the financial budget and affairs of the church.

Team members: Wade Shepard, chairperson, Charles Wilkerson, Beverly Cheek, Clifford Austin, Doug Youngblood, Jeanne Sikes-McGrath, Joan Hedgepeth, John Burgess, Lauren Perkin, Russell Helms.


Missions Team

The Missions team coordinates opportunities for church involvement in local and international missions, with a focus on making a difference in the Steele Creek area.  We organize and maintain programs at the church itself, and in the local community. We work with community members to identify needs and provide resources and volunteers. 

Current programs include a partnership with Steele Creek Elementary School to support students and their teachers in a variety of areas such as literacy, food insecurity, and classroom supplies; food collections and financial donations for Loaves and Fishes, and transportation to the grocery store for senior citizens.

Team members: Jeanne Smith, chairperson, Judy & Mike Brown, Clint & Sandra Burke, Martha Osborne, Ann Mozingo.


Outreach Team

The Guest Outreach team is charged with making all church guests feel welcomed and encouraged to return. A welcome bag for first time guests is provided along with a follow up phone call that week. New members are welcomed and introduced to the congregation during Sunday worship service. That day a photo of the new member is taken and later framed and given as a gift to the new member. 

Team members: Judy Corbett, chairperson, Mike Brown, Judy Brown, Pam Murphy, Charlie Bricker, Sandra Burke, Hugh Shannon, Lynn McNeil, Sally English.


Personnel Team

The Staff Support team is responsible for establishing and maintaining personnel procedures as well as overseeing the staff.

Team members: Charlie Bricker, chairperson,  Beverly Cheek, Pat Hart, Jeanne Sikes-McGrath, Diane Wilson. 


Publicity Team

Central’s Marketing/Publicity Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the church website and utilizing social media, as well as, other traditional and electronic means to connect with a diverse, technically agile and growing community. We support and partner with the church office, church committees and ministries to promote church sponsored community activities that will attract visitors to our campus. We advise, implement, and support technology-based systems throughout the church campus and strive to meet the high-tech expectations of a digitally minded community. 

Team members: Becky Helms, chairperson, Andy Cheek, Russell Helms, Lynn Snuggs, Charles Wilkerson, Tamara Sharpe.  


Worship Team

The Worship team is largely responsible for the coordination of all facets of Sunday morning and special worship services. This includes the order and content of the service, music, decorations, as well as preparation for communion. Decorations include the Chrismon tree, Christmas garland and wreaths, window decorations, candles and banners. Additionally, the team is responsible for coordinating wedding and funeral services held in the sanctuary ensuring the sanctuary building is left secured after the service.

Team members: Debbie Stikeleather, chairperson, Joyce Smith, Tom Schmutzler, Sheila Fetner, Sandra Burke, Judy Corbett, John Earl, Rhonda Weaver, Jessica Smith, Bud Shaney, Martha Sigmon, Sue Birch.


Diversity Liaison

Lynn Snuggs


Facility Liaison

Charlie Bricker


Fine Arts Academy Liaison 

Charles Wilkerson