Parent and Student Handbook


The Central Fine Arts Academy will strive to:

  • Provide excellence and enjoyment in fine arts training
  • Begin lessons and classes promptly
  • Strive for open communication between teachers, parents, and students
  • Provide a safe and caring environment

Student Expectations

While having fun in the classes, students are expected to be Courteous, Friendly And Attentive for all lessons.   

To be able to get the most from the lessons, students will:

  • Be prepared for lessons and classes
  • Willingly follow the teacher׳s instructions.
  • Be prompt in attendance
  • Commit to studying for the entire session in which the student is enrolled
  • Participate in end-of-session performances/recitals.

Due to the short time frame given to each session, behavior disruptions cannot be allowed. Disruptions will be addressed by the teacher and/or director. If necessary, students may be removed from the session until a parent conference can be held.

Attendance Expectations

Students are expected to attend all 9 lessons within the session. All students are expected to participate in the showcase performance held at the end of the session.

Please notify the director at 24 hours before the lesson. The tuition fee is not refundable or pro-rated for lessons missed. It is important that students attend all sessions during the 9 weeks to maximize instruction.

Drop off and Dismissal for In-person Classes

Please be prompt for the start of classes.   Students may be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the class and should be picked up by 15 minutes after the class. Drop-off and pick-up will be located at the Family Life Center. Parents must come in to sign out during dismissal. The person responsible for student pick up must provide a picture ID and must be someone approved in writing by the parent. 

Parents may not sit in with the small group classes, since it may hinder student learning.  

Parents are invited and encouraged to use the Central Café while students are participating in classes.