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9401 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28273

Telephone Numbers

Main Office: 704-588-1211
Office Fax: 704-588-1241
Pre-School: 704-588-9542

Mailing Address

Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 410054
Charlotte, NC 28241-0054

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Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church

Brief History Of Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church

Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church was founded in 1793, when Associate Reformed Presbyterians, recently arrived from Scotland, formed Steele Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. It was later renamed Blackstock Presbyterian after its first minister, Rev. William Blackstock, and was located on what is now Carowinds Boulevard.

Little Steele Creek Associate Reformed Church was founded in 1809 and was located on what is now Sandy Porter Road. Blackstock and Little Steele Creek merged in 1893, became Central Steele Creek, and moved to its current location to York Road. The members of Central Steele Creek voted in 1911 to join the Mecklenburg Presbytery and became part of the Presbyterian Church (US). They shared a minister with Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church until 1956.

The current Sanctuary was built in 1949, with education wings, a Fellowship Hall, and a Family Life Center added in 1958, 1960, and 2003 respectively. Central has had some splendid ministers in its lifetime, including Dr. Raymond Young (1932-56), Dr. Zane Moore (1967-79), Dr. Joseph McCutchen (1984-95), and Dr James Young (1996-2004). Rev. Luke Maybry was installed as Pastor in 2008.

Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church has a very storied past of serving God. While we are proud of that past and remember it fondly, we are convinced that our best days lie ahead of us. Our community is growing rapidly. We are reaching out to new neighbors, and beginning missions, worship, and programs that will last us well into the future. Most importantly, our actions pale in comparison to God’s, and, if the past is any indicator, God will continue to be active here for a very long time to come.